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The need for thoughtfully designed womens golf apparel is high, and Christine Cowan at Adidas to wear like leggings and. Denim is poised to explode again this year, following years of declining sales thanks to the popularity of girls and young wo. Wear them with a tailored blazer and pointedtoe pumps for a sophisticated, officeready look If faux leather leggings is sporty then these trackstyle leggings are a musthave for your wardrobe. Then I discovered the true holy grail of leggings make my shapeless legs look decent as good as Im going to get with these cankles They dont fade or stretch or slide down, a problem Ive ha. Take polyester, the ubiquitous yarn used to make synthetic fabrics found in everything from Adidas shoes to H&ampM dresses and U. 70 to 75 percent off including Adidas by Stella McCartney workout gear, a crisp pair of pajamas, and some very versatile He. With this new couture crop of workout pants, some women are even tossing their oncecoveted Lululemon leggings, deeming them too basic and too black If you look like a lemming $40 Originals by R. Proving to be much more than a brand extension, Adidas SLVR just unveiled its AutumnWinter 2013 line, with a nod to heavy metal music for men and sleek printed dresses with leggings for women Al. Beyond Yoga For Labor Day and Labor Day only, Beyond Yoga will offer up to 80 percent off on its signature leggings, sports. I couldnt quite explain it, but something about pairing a swooshemblazoned Nike shirt with Adidas signature striped sweats. While Christie dressed in headtotoe white for the Hamptons event, including a mesh Alo top, cropped leggings, sports bra an.