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Bruno Mars and Cardi Bs new Finesse video is a tribute to 90s He recreated the shows handpainted intro credits, dance routines and love for clothing brand Cross Colours Mars has directed the. Cross Colours showed the profitability potential for a HipHop clothing line Dont be embarrassed if you ever owned some Cross Colours clothing Be embarrassed if you STILL own some Cross Colours clo. Carl Jones, cofounder of Cross Coloursa hip but poorly managed urban clothing label that went out of business four years agois attempting a comeback Jones has launched Juke Joint, an apparel lin. Back then, Dr Dre was wearing baggy jeans and flannels by Cross Colours, the Notorious BIG was rapping about puffy Fubu bubble jackets, and Tupac Shakur was showing up in oversized Karl Kani sweat. But in the late 80s and early 90s, rap aficionados were introduced to a new styles designer Karl Kanis oversized baggy jeans culturally inspired Cross Colours outfits urbanIvy League flair of. The colour palette was based in bright and bold colours with shades of red and with silhouettes designed by keeping in mi. Clothing at the Warrnambool Red Cross Op Shop has a sixweek cycle where stock is coded When Im not at work I mix it up. &quotI use whatever I feel like and I dont think about colours schemes &quotI dont think that there really and you have differ. If you werent persuaded by the fact that it was the feature car on the cover and also the actual one driven by the late McRa. Walker, created Cross Colours, a boldly colored collection of denim jeans and jackets, hooded sweat shirts and While Cross Colours takes credit for instigating the hiphop sportswear trend, most f. The idea of making a list of the most HipHop clothing brands isnt to pass a nod to Karl Kani or Cross Colours, who were both influential in their own right but would fail to crack the top five of an.