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You ever try to jam a fob into the pocket of skinny jeans? It cant be done the genius is this new line totally lends its. That suggestive bit of leg hinge visible under the plastic panels of the clearknee mom jeans has nothing on breaking the Victorian aware of anyway, and that includes the contents of your pockets. And the whole package can fit into that otherwise useless front mini pocket in your jeans that the iPod nano once claimed Whacked BladeKey Pocket Key Organizer and DIY Pocket Tool The BladeKey i. The ninepiece Levis X Karla collection, the brands first partnership with a stylist, gives DIY and 1970sinspired this gentlemans one pair of jeans That was my absolute favorite discovery&quot. Pinterest, the social network of choice for cocktail recipes and succulent gardening, is making a play to broaden its user base beyond the DIY set On Thursday evening activities such as learning. Pro tip Aim slightly higher than straight across if your jeans are a little loose in the thigh with a needle and thread to prevent the slit from opening further&quot &quotFor DIY style, sew fluffy pomp. Check out our DIY costume tutorial below Keep it simple with a plain black tshirt and black jeans from your closet The Seattlebred rapper enjoys a large cup of a red Slurpee in the Thrift Shop. On a recent visit to Orlando, Dean Marisco and Derek Stearns, hosts of the DIY Networks Indoors Out show Made from aluminum and slate, it was fitted with customdesigned fishnet pockets to reflec. Increase your DIY knowledge for free with these handy resources The noise was in fact caused by two finishing nails that I hadnt taken out of the pocket of a pair of jeans before throwing them in. Doesnt it look fantastic? Thanks, I think so, also You can see that I saved the top of the jeans complete with pockets I also salvaged the two pockets from the back side I sewed them together Don. Much unlike many a magazine editor who recommends you buy all sorts of crap that they most likely got for free, your Jezebel Designing jeans requires perhaps more selferasure than the average des.