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Im in the thick of backtoschool shopping for my girls right now like tearaway tags, zipperless designs, no buttons, s. WNB Designs to same jeans or tshirts to express your love for your man or lady Whats special about the WNB matching c. The SwedishGerman menswear brand, founded in 2014 by Josef Lazo and Andreas Schmidl, has a penchant for creating colorful, d. a clothing brand that is donating a portion of the proceeds from sales of her new collection to pediatric cancer research con. The clothing brand she designed had just dropped landed a dream gig as an associate designer at Target Corp, which is he. A plum jacket is a beautiful way to add color into your wardrobe Wear it over a pencil skirt for work or going out, or with your favorite pair of jeans plus sneakers for a casual daytime look Reds,. As you can see in the screenshot below, the designer also placed a Spice Girls GIF in the bottom right corner The Victori. So when she founded organic cotton clothing line Satva, she also created the &quotBlossom can do in the communities of India to bring educational opportunities to young girls and agricultural advancem. They include fashion designer and seamstress Balasas three girls Isabella, Bella, 7 Emma, 4 and Autumn, 10 months h. As little girls, they shared a bedroom, and always got along They never fought Never wore each others clothing without pe. Alexis Castellano and Jill Slater, the moms behind Fasten, a company that makes girls swimsuits that come undone at the wais.