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The BJP government on Thursday presented a taxfree budget of Rs 45,585 crore for 20192019 in the Assembly, which laid emphasis on kisan, roti and kapda Presenting the second paperless budget, Uttar. Like how you speak the English language with the right pronunciation and ease how you come across wearing a shirt and trousers or jeans and tshirt its the shirtpant option thatll be the k. The few who do wear pants in Indian politics like Sonia Gandhi We make fun of them and then move on to other issues Issues like roti, kapda, makaan We have no choice because these are the rea. Maxis with thighhigh slights, blouses with deep cleavages, pants, skirts Gen Y had found its messiah who dumps her unemployed lover for a millionaire in Roti Kapda Aur Makaan 1974, the goge. We usually wear shirtpants, so they cant identify us But what if they It was at 5 am that I realised Junaid was no more because I overheard my father talk about kafan ka kapda shroud I col. Its the socially democratic party in Pakistan one of its first slogans was &quotroti, kapda, aur makaan&quot food, clothing, and shelter Historically, the PPP has been dominated by the Bhutto family b. Moushumi Chatterjee, one of the biggest stars of her time Moushumi lives with her husband Jayanta, daughter Megha and dog Dodo Wearing cotton Pallazo pants and a Tshirt, and no makeup, Moushumi. Elena Perminova, in the shortest trench weve ever seen Natalie Joos is all smiles The one and only No white jeans before Memorial Day? Think again Leaf Greener shows her stripes at C&233line Giovan. I have also bought a couple of harem pants and colourful skirts from Jaipur I would rather go street shopping and pick up a bundle of cloth, get some kapda cut and get a kurti or a onepiece stitc. What do you get when you put Saif Ali Khan and Katrina together? A Nawab and a mannequin is what one critic wrote One of the most controversial films in recent times, Phantom is based on the 2611. We are no more living in an era where roti, kapda and makan or food, clothing and shelter is the be all and end once again becomes a symbol of unity for the whole world Prasoon Pant Helping hand.