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The Jordache woman is the first one on the dance floor, Ambrosio tells PeopleStyle exclusively She embodies confidence, power and knows how enjoy life while staying chic in a cool pair of jeans. Marsha Stafford, 33, and Susan Duran, 35, of Albuquerque, NM, found that out the hard way in October, 1984, when Jordache Enterprises sued them retailers Designer Depot subsidiary from selling. Pennsylvania authorities announced Friday the arrests of two men in the 1984 rape and murder of a 14year She had just started wearing makeup and liked books, Jordache jeans and animals, the Inqui. an autobiographical look at the life of Jon Cryer is as exciting as a pair of Jordache jeans wrapped in a Cyndi Lauper album or vice versa These days, Cryer has become known for his hilarious work. This time, however, there are separate mens and womens jeans, a departure from the unisex line in the 80s &quotFor some of the people the appeal will be nostalgia,&quot said Shaul Nakash, son of Jordache. 1920s Levis overalls become the bestselling product in mens work pants In the mid1970s, blue jeans are trumped by the popularity of colored corduroy pants In the late 1970s, jeans become a s. DISCO DOLLS Even if you cant squeeze into a pair of Jordache jeans, at least your doll can PREGNANCY PERFUME First, there were fragrances for men and women Then there were scents for dogs and ca. Leading the hot pack is Jordache jeans, with model Ashley Montana grinding to a funky Except maybe Pepsi It wants very young men in its commercials, the better to cloak Eros in the whimsical and. Perhaps a suede loafer or a boot&quot For all those caught in a denim dilemma, its time to replace the Jordache look Kelly says &quotI also think that many men need to think about new jeans There have be. By the 1920s, Levis original 501 jeans had become topselling mens workpants, according to Levis corporate jeans became a status symbol when designer brands like Jordache rolled out more chic v. Guests mingled with topless women with Aztecinspired body paint and Chippendaleslike men in tootight mariachi outfits while and was originally owned by the same company that made Jordache Jeans. Without the new brand which includes pants, tops and jackets for men, women and children US sales WalMart offers a variety of jeans brands including Wrangler, Jordache and Faded Glory.