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One California school district is being both championed and condemned for its new &quotantidress code&quot instated for the 2019201. Agartala According to a new advisory issued by the Tripura government, bureaucrats in the state will have to avoid casual a. Tube tops, tight pants, ripped jeans, short skirts and even pajamas are now acceptable attire at Alameda city schools under a. Now bureaucrats in Tripura have to avoid jeans, denim wear and sunglasses on duty or other highlevel official meetings d. Letters may be no longer than 300 words and will be edited for grammar Since the start of the school year, I have read or. A dress code has been issued by the Tripura Government for its officials restricting them from wearing jeans, cargo pants. Students are no longer going to be penalised for wearing ripped jeans or showing their midriffs official Alameda Unified. That includes tank tops, hats, ripped jeans, pajamas and midriff baring shirts Still banned under the dress code are cloth. He specifically called out the catsuit Serena Williams wore during this years French Open, noting, &quotIt will no longer Ho. Approved on a trial basis for this school year, the new dress code is among the most permissive in the Bay she wasnt wea. But Cockman, a sophomore at Dan River High School, is spending the first days of her sophomore year at home, after being found in violation of the schools dress code &quotTheyre no holes in the jeans. William Hanson claims that shorts on young boys are a silent British class marker and trousers are deemed suburban someth.