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Previously, the largest womens size offered in stores was a 20 Up until recently, these jeans were only available online. As a petite style blogger, Im constantly on the lookout for clothing that flatters smallstatured women of pace from my AG jeans As a bonus These are probably the softest jeans Ive ever worn,. In 2014, Old Navy faced a Changeorg petition amid customer complaints that it charged women more than men for its plussized apparel The company said then that plussized jeans for women cost more b. Old Navy seems to think so, hawking &quotBoyfriend Jeans&quot for toddler girls and even a &quotBoyfriend Jeans for Baby&quot version Yes, everyone loves the &quotboyfriend&quot jean, whose cut is so roomy that, the thinkin. If youre a plussize woman buying jeans at Old Navy, youll pay more than your slender female friends or bigandtall guy friends And people are pissed Bloomberg reports that over the last week, a. Saturday, Old Navy will have a sale where all jeans are 50% off and starting Monday Old Navy will offer for the first time pl. but one shopper got more than a little peeved when she discovered that clothing retailer Old Navy charges plussize women more for a pair of jeans than men the same size &quotI was fine paying the extra. BOSTON CBS Old Navy jeans may look the same when theyre stacked on the shelves, but theres a major price difference for one size group Plussized women are expected to pay almost double for the. According to authorities, two women and a man removed merchandise from a display at the Old Navy at 3020 Brandywine Parkway t. For Levis, Old Navy, Tommy Hilfiger and several other popular brands Scientists believe that the manufacturer is pushing wo. A petition on the site Changeorg accuses Old Navy of discriminating against plus size women I noticed that they were charging $12$15 more for plussized womens jeans but not upcharging jeans. Old Navys upcharging of plussized womens jeans but not the mens pants has some feeling blue and others seeing red Renee Posey, 34, discovered while shopping online that many of its plussized.