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At the beginning of her career, American actress Jean Seberg was faced with a radical decision Part with a few or more precious inches in favor of an edgy, androgynous cut at the hands of editoria. She wore the white dress to the premiere of her new film Jeremiah Terminator LeRoy, where she also showed off a new hair styl. Holmess pixie, which was paired with a casual blackandwhite striped sweater and blue jeans, also included gradual layers that tapered down the nape of her neck The actress also kept the sides of h. Actress Jean Seberg was one of the first women to sport a And others are evening out all manner of halfshaves and tapered cuts Joy Harris, 42, is a true pixiewearing professional Four years ag. And yet she was making a style statement that screamed look at me because her long chestnut hair was replaced by a gamine pixie cut Not every woman can carry off an elfin crop, although most have b. Austin Jones, a YouTube star styled as a combination of circa2005 Hey There Delilah sideswept pixie cut and skinny jeans which scream sensitive soulalso famed for his YouTube acapella covers of. For the campaign, Weitzman decided to switch things up, putting their favorite model in a pixie cut wig by Shay Ashual The faux style was meant to evoke Jean Sebergs character in the iconic French N. Read on to see what made the cut Considered one of the first and still greatest romantic Set during the transition from. while sporting a pixie cut inspired by Angelina Jolies in Hackers I carried a yellow Care Bears lunchbox as a purse and, when I moved across the country to California during my sophomore year dresse. The image shows the Im A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! host, at the age of 33, sporting a blonde pixie cut In the photo, Julia is pictured wearing a vibrant blouse while nuzzling in close to her. But dont be fooled Kris hasnt gotten her hands on a time machine yet The Kris lookalike is actually daughter, Kendall Jenner, rocking a new pixie cut Kendall debuted her new crop on the Tom Ford.