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Fifth Ave to benefit Relay for Life cancer walk set for May 20 There will be antique plumbing tools, two antique welders, nice jeans for men and women, clothes for adults, kids and babies, toys, kit. There will be a military lap, where participants are encouraged to dress as their favorite branch of the military from 8 to 9 pm At 830 pm is the mister relay, featuring men dressed in womens cl. This huge rummage will have clothing items for men, women, teens, and children, toys, books, movies, Falls apparel and other sports wear, other household items, and much much more All profits go to. A few new activities have also been planned for this year At prior relays, a Ms Relay competition was held, with men dressing up in womens clothing This years contest has been reversed, with wome. is also this years director of the Relay for Life The annual event unites survivors across the globe as it also remembers loved ones lost to cancer and takes action for lifesaving change One in two. ALL FOR LOVE H&ampM is seeking to relay a message of inclusiveness with a lineup of rainbowcolored clothing, including Tshirts, jackets and socks for men and women Some pieces are marked with words. Christopher Rogers knows a thing or two about fashion When the president of the Canadian Cancer Societys Relay for Life event in Corner Brook, who is also owner of a mens clothing store in the city. MASSENA An upcoming fundraising event is becoming an annual tradition for one of the teams that participates in the American Cancer Societys Relay for Life Team No Regrets will be hosting its th. a small brigade of men, women and children many of them wearing Giants baseball caps, jerseys and black beards continued walking along the path that winds through Skypark Jackie Maurer, who organ. Policing tactics used to terrorize sane voicesto relay to the rest of us to keep shut Lies and more lies are mouthed by. The patrol forms a motley crew patched jeans men shout Spy! Besides intimidation by the loggers, the Guardians also mus. He continued, &quotListening to the individual stories our volunteers relay about their experiences Sorted 200 books and 300 articles of clothing at Love, INC Collected more than 1000 pairs of shoe.