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Among other permissible clothing items, students are allowed to wear tube tops, halter tops, fitted pants such as leggings an. Tube tops, tight pants, ripped jeans, short skirts and even pajamas are Clothing that is not allowed seethrough clothin. Some of the pieces of clothing specifically allowed by the updated dress code yoga pants, opaque leggings, pajamas, tank tops, athletic attire, hats and ripped jeans as long as underwear or buttocks. LuLaRoe is refunding customers after numerous complaints that its leggings rip like wet toilet paper and get holes within hours of the first wear, Business Insider reports The 4yearold company an. The clothing company is rolling out a new program called The Happiness Policy Anyone with ripped leggings can file a complaint to get a full refund, credit or replacement Company officials also ap. Leggings and Lululemon are still the top teen fashion trend, according to Piper Jaffrays semiannual report on teen spending released Friday The &quotLeggingsLululemon&quot category, which encompasses cloth. Travelers must look presentable and leggings, along with ripped jeans, flipflops and sleepwear are not allowed Pass travelers are allowed to wear jeans and shorts Shannon Watts, a gun control advoc. LuLaRoe, a seller of womens fashion apparel and accessories, is offering refunds to customers with ripped leggings LuLaRoe is offering the refunds for ripped leggings through its Make Good Program. Newser Whats not to love about buttery soft Specifically, the customers claim their new leggings tore or developed holes after the very first wear the lawsuit claims thousands of customers h. Gaga claims her fashion is &quotwalking art,&quot but these ripped leggings arent exactly cutting edge Everyone from Lindsay Lohan to Rihanna have rocked them and Forever 21 even sells a pair for $1499. LuLaRoe is refunding customers following complaints about the quality of the companys clothing, as Business Insider reported earlier The policies include the &quotMake Good&quot program which applies to p.