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Other torn and tattered jeans with exaggerated cuffs and hybrid designs played to a DIY quality Paired with newly introduced hightop sneakers in various prints and vibrant soles, the overall mood wa. Once, while the duo were digging through the giant troughs of rejected clothes at the Goodwill Outlet in Sellwoodwhere they find most of their materialsthe mononymous Maximiliano unearthed a massive. Instead of a tattered magazine, Im given a glossy copy of Ferrettis portfolio When he appears a waistcoat and patterned scarf dandifying his tight, white Tshirt and black jeans it doesn su. I remember once sewing myself a lovely summer dress out of a duvet cover,&quot she told AFP at the &quotFASHIONable in Communist Poland&quot exhibition pair of Western jeans could cost an entire months salar. A shaggy, twentysomething couple lounge on a tattered quilt a silverhaired woman in a floppy dinner on their laps Wearing faded jeans and a loose, untucked Tshirt, Wolfson, 43, takes the stage. There are going to be zillions of Elevens running aroundand thats a costume you could DIY easily, if you have time to do a making sure to let the ends look as tattered as possible Put on pants. And if you can t handle violence against fabrics,search for a DIY site on how to distress also because Europe is not squeamish about tattered clothes In India,deliberately cut up garments ripped. A feral dog ambles across the road in front of a row of tatteredlooking wooden stalls and little shelter, so hes now setting himself up in business as a DIY trafficker After much negotiation,.